Body treatments

Back massage   £30   (30 mins)

Enjoy a relaxing back massage using aromatherapy oils to cater for your concerns and needs. helps release tension of day to day life just what the doctor ordered!

Full body massage   £40   (1 hour)  

A massage using warm aromatherapy oils to create a felling of pure relaxation, working on front and back of legs, feet, arms, décolleté and back.

Luxury Full body massage   £55   (1 hour 30 mins)

A luxurious massage using hand picked aromatherapy oils, the oils are heated to create the felling of pure relaxation. A full head to toe treat. starting with a cleansing of the face, then moving into a facial, neck and décolleté massage moving into the scalp, Then moving onto the arms,legs and feet, then back of legs and back to finish with.

Scalp massage   £15   (20 mins)

★ Add a back massage to this treatment for a extra £10  ★

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