Manicure and pedicures

File and polish £15
Full manicure £27.50
Manicure (no varnish) £20
Full pedicure £30.50
Pedicure (no varnish) £22
Luxury pedicure £55 (including gel)
Luxury pedicure £45 (with polish)
Luxury pedicure £35 (no varnish)

Bio Sculpture Gel

This non chip nail colour is the healthier alternative in nail care. It is thin, strong and flexible product which gives natural looking finish. Available in a variety of colours or French.

Overlays £34
Soak off reapply £36
Soak off only (includes base coat) £12
Gel pedicure £34.50


Overlays £25
Soak off reapply £30

All gel treatments include cuticle treatment.


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